Castell Area

Wildlife Management Association

Helping property owners enhance the quality of white-tail deer through proven wildlife and habitat management practices.


Meeting Dates

October Survey Harvest Data Meeting

October 8, 2016, 1:00pm
Castell Trinity Methodist Church
Fellowship Hall

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Rio Grande Turkey in the Llano Uplift


The Castell Area Wildlife Management Association (CAWMA) was organized with the following goals in mind

  1. To bring the majority of the acreage within the boundaries of the CAWMA under proven successful wildlife management practices.
  2. To make harvest recommendations for this area and all adjoining properties interested in the CAWMA.
  3. To obtain accurate harvest records for the entire managed area.
  4. To have better hunter/landowner relation and neighbor relations through education.
  5. To encourage landowners in the CAWMA to become better educated about land management practices which enrich wildlife habitat and to encourage the implementation of those practices among landowners.
  6. To encourage predator control.
  7. To be a non-profit organization.



Dale Schmidt, TPWD
(325) 248-5061

Game Wardens

Kenneth Stannard
Samuel Padgett
(325) 248-7023

Castell Area Wildlife Management Area
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